Three reasons why they’re quietly quitting and what to do about it

Why they're Quiet Quitting Quiet quitting? Maybe its not about workers. Maybe its about workplaces. The concept of quiet quitting is something managers ought to be prepared for, and it is most certainly not anything new. You can go back hundreds, if not thousands of years to find statements describing how each generation [...]

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The Science Behind Goals

The Science Behind Goals It’s the day before a project presentation to your director. You’re scrambling to finish the report that you’ve had weeks to work on. Every ten minutes your Outlook inbox chime lets you know that an urgent, attention stealing email is waiting for you. The hours slip by. It’s the [...]

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Navigating Change

Navigating Change "How much did they pay you to give up on your dreams?", Ryan asked. After a moment, Bob responded softly, "$27,000 a year". That's a line from a movie called Up in the Air. It stuck with me when I heard it and I've come back to it again and again [...]

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Motivation for the Marathon

Marathon Motivation Well, in my last blog post I opened by stating how marathon race week brings about a range of emotions.  How true that was. Thursday evening I went down to the hot tub to listen to some music, have a stretch, and focus on what I would do on race day. [...]

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What it’s like to race an Ironman

Racing Ironman Sometimes it can be tough to remind yourself why you’re racing. Your A Race could be months away, or even years away. But when that day comes, whether you’re racing your first sprint triathlon or your tenth Ironman triathlon, there’s nothing like race day. Having raced Ironman a couple of times, I [...]

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